Are you planning to install a wrought iron fence around your home or business? You may realize that could run into some gaps in terms of security due to uneven ground. Here are a few things you should know about changes in terrain when installing your security fence

1. Leave Small Gaps

If you have very small changes in terrain, the easiest way to deal with it may be to leave small gaps underneath each section of the fence. This will create a bit of a stair-step pattern in the fencing material, and will likely leave a very small gap underneath each section. This will only be a problem depending on what purpose you want a security fence to serve. If you are trying to keep a pet contained in your yard, you may find that the small gap is enough for them to escape. However, a small gap is likely going to prevent people from crawling under the fencing material. 

2. Rack the Fence Material

The other option will be to rack the fence material so that it follows the contour of the ground. This involves more work during the installation process, but you'll end up with a fence the is flush with the ground and does not leave any gaps underneath the fence. However, there is a limit to how much each wrought-iron spire can move to do this. It may work great on land with subtle changes in elevation, but not possible on more extreme changes in terrain. Your fencing contractor can let you know if they can rack the fence before the installation by measuring the slope. 

3. Build Up the Ground

The next option will be to actually build up the land around the fence so that it is more level along the property line. This can be a great way to deal with the problem for a couple of reasons. Your fence will actually be a bit higher off the ground than normal, while still conforming to the building codes in your area for the maximum fence height. In addition, having a raised border around the yard will make it look more intimidating for security purposes. 

If the lack of security around your property bothers you, there are ways to address them. Reach out to a local fence contractor for more information about the security that can be provided with a wrought iron fence.