Chain link fencing is considered the standard for most commercial settings, whether you are fencing in an entire property or simply a small work yard or other private area attached to the main property building. Yet, many business owners are concerned about the appearance of the fence. Chain link is both durable and cost-effective, but it can also be attractive when it is installed with the proper features.

Install Threshold Curbing

One issue with chain link fencing is that it can look unkempt if grass grows into the fencing or when garbage gets entangled with the mesh. One way to cut down on this problem is to install a concrete or stone threshold beneath the fence line to prevent grass from growing right up against the fence line. With the area clear of vegetation it is also much easier to remove any garbage that blows up against the fence. Another benefit to curbing is that it makes it impossible to dig or squeeze beneath the fencing, so the fence ends up being more secure as well.

Consider Vinyl Coating

Vinyl coating is a technique that adds very little to the cost of the fence but a lot to the fence's appearance and durability. Vinyl coated fences are even more rust resistant than bare galvanized metal, so they last much longer. You can choose from a range of colors, from discrete and stately black to a natural green. There are also more creative colors available, such as sky blue or red, so you can pick one that complements your property. Although a vinyl coated chain link fence is just as secure as plain chain link, the color helps soften the look of the fence so your property feels more welcoming and less industrial to your clients.

Add Privacy Panels

One complaint with chain link fences is that you can see right through them. When you need a fence for both security and to camouflage an unsightly area on your property, such as the dumpster platform or the working mess of a storage yard, chain link may not seem like the best option. Fortunately, privacy screens are available that can turn a chain link fence into a privacy fence for a low cost. Clip-on screens are one option that comes in a variety of colors or custom printed with your own design. Privacy slats, which slide into the fence's mesh, are an exceptionally durable option that works especially well around dumpsters.

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