A dog is a valued family member for many homeowners. A big dog can be a great pet, but the size of a large dog can pose a problem when it comes to installing a fence around your property. You want to ensure that you are able to balance the aesthetic of your property with the safety and security of your beloved pet. To achieve this balance, you need to keep some important things in mind as you select new fencing materials for both your home and your dog.

1. Visibility

Visibility is an important consideration when you have a large dog. Some dogs are excited by visual stimuli, like children walking home from school or dogs in a neighboring yard. The type of fence that you install can impact your dog's visibility.

A vinyl or wood fence can completely eliminate any visibility to help keep your pet contained and quiet. If you don't want to install an opaque fence around your entire property, you can opt for a more transparent option (like wrought iron or chain link) around the front yard and leave the opaque fence around your backyard.

2. Durability

A big dog has the potential to be very destructive. They can run into your fence while playing fetch, attempt to chew on fencing materials when they are bored, and even scratch at fencing materials when left alone in the backyard. You will want to ensure that you invest in a durable fence for your property if you have a large dog on-site.

Some fence contractors offer fencing made from a composite of materials. These fences are capable of standing up to the most rambunctious of dogs without sustaining serious damage. A durable fence will keep your dog contained while staying structurally sound when exposed to the elements.

3. Escapability

Some dogs are clever escape artists that can find a way to get out of a fenced yard. You will want to install a fence that prevents your dog from using their wiles to get out since a loose dog can become dangerous.

Have your fence extend down into the ground a few feet so that your dog can't dig a hole under the fence to escape. Be sure that the fence you install isn't textured if your dog is a climber. A textured fence can provide the traction your dog needs to climb over the top of the fence.

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