If you are trying to grow your own food in your garden, and you have deer in your area, you need to be prepared to fight to keep the deer out. Deer love all the food you grow in your garden and will eat your plants long before they are able to reach maturity. When it comes to keeping dear out of your garden, there are multiple tactics you can employ.

#1 Put Up a Deer Fence

Protect your garden is by putting a fence around your garden. When you put up a fence, you don't want to put up just any fence, you want to put up a proper deer fence. The thing about deer is that they can jump really high, and have no problem taking a big leap if it means they will get to eat some good food.

When it comes to keeping deer out, you need to install a fence that is over eight feet high. That is how high you need to go keep a deer out. Ideally, around ten feet is great.

When you install a fence, one that the deer can't see through is best, although a fence that one can see through may be more affordable to install. You may also want to install a double-fence, deer don't like entering areas where they may feel trapped.

#2 Use Deer Repellent

Next, you can use deer repellent to keep the deer away. You need to understand that you need to use the repellent on a regular basis. Deer repellent only works as long as the deer can smell it. That means moisture and rain, be it from the sky or from your sprinklers, will wash away the repellent.

If you want to use deer repellent, be prepared to spray the repellent on a daily basis. Look for egg-based repellents, which tend to be some of the more effective repellents. Spray repellent seems to work better than hanging repellent systems.

#3 Add Motion to Scare the Deer

Deer are scared by motion, so add some motion to your garden area. Put up some wind chimes, that will blow around when it is windy and scare the deer. Put up a scarecrow, just be sure to change its location and appearance, as if it never moves, the deer will figure out over time that it is not a threat.

You can also add some motion activated sprinklers, that will turn on and spray out a quick sharp burst of water when they detect motion. This can help scare the deer away.

If you want to keep the deer away from your garden, you need a multiple-layer plan. You need to install a really tall deer fence, use deer repellent, and use motion to keep the deer away.

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