The addition of a fence can dramatically change your home's exterior. In order to ensure that your property's curb appeal remains intact, you need to install an attractive and functional fence.

Wood has been used to create fences for hundreds of years. Modern craftsman have perfected the art of building wood fences. You can take advantage of their knowledge and expertise by choosing one of the following fence types for your property.

1. Board-on-Board Fence

A fence not only serves as a visual indicator of your property line, it can also provide your yard with some privacy. Homeowners often want their fence to keep wandering eyes from neighbors and passersby out of their yard. If your primary concern is privacy, then a board-on-board wood fence is your best option.

A residential wood fencing company constructs these fences using vertical slats that overlap one another. This overlapping design eliminates any spaces between slats. Although a board-on-board can take time to construct, it has the ability to provide total privacy for your landscape.

2. Split-Rail Fence

Another type of wood fencing to consider for your home is a split-rail fence. If you have ever seen a classic movie set in the country, you are likely familiar with the design of a split-rail fence. Vertical posts are placed at intervals that are equidistant from each other.

Old split-rail fences featured posts that were joined together by raw logs. Modern split-rail fencing can be constructed using planks of wood instead of entire logs. These fences are well suited for the pastoral ambiance of a rural home.

3. Picket Fence

There is one type of wood fencing that has come to serve as a symbol of middle-class comfort. This fence is the picket fence (the white variety to be exact). While you might not believe that a home in the suburbs, a couple of kids, and a spouse with a good job are representative of the modern American dream, you can still benefit from adding a picket fence to your property.

A picket fence usually has both a top and bottom rail onto which vertical slats, or pickets, are fixed. The slats generally have a decorative pointed top and are spaced quite far apart. A picket fence can provide your property with a cozy cottage feel that is warm and welcoming.

Don't worry, your picket fence doesn't have to be white. The wood slats used to construct a picket fence can be painted in any color to help blend with your home's exterior.