Being a landlord and owner of the apartment complex is a great responsibility. One of the best ways to curb any possible issues you or your tenants may have in the future is making sure that the apartment complex is kept up and is well constructed. If you do not currently have exterior plans or decor in your apartment complex, adding some well-built and pretty exterior structures will attract and keep tenants. One of the first things that you should do is build a fence around the space, especially if the apartment complex is located in the city. Here are some considerations to make when building a fence around your apartment. 

1. Attach it to the gate

If there is a parking structure or a parking garage on site, it is a good idea to attach the fencing to an electronic gate for the parking lot or garage. this will allow tenants and guests to get into the parking system without finding another gate entrance afterward. Have your commercial fencing service like Associated Fence, build a gate with a proper electronic car gate in order to provide safety for your tenants and their property while on your grounds. 

2. Make sure it matches the building

An old style building is due for a picket fence that matches its cute exterior. A modern building can have a gate that is made of tinted glass and rounded beams. An unassuming building that matches other buildings in the vicinity may need a tall PVC fence with plenty of space between the bars as to look cohesive. No matter the fence, be sure that the fence matches the exterior of your apartment building. Talk about material choices with your fencing contractor to determine what will hold up to the weather in the area and what will be easiest for your tenants to use. 

3. Install a voice intercom 

An intercom system will automatically upgrade any apartment unit to near-luxury status. A voice intercom will also allow tenants to allow family and friends up without needing to hand out a code to everyone. If you are often on site or if you live on site, you will be able to let maintenance, cleaning crews, and prospective tenants inside with an intercom system without having to leave your office or current working apartment. Placing an intercom system on the fence itself also keeps outside solicitors and interruptions from being able to enter your apartment grounds.