A new wood fence adds beauty and privacy to your property. To ensure your investment in your new wood fence lasts for many years, it's important to know the best ways to take care of it. Here are a few important things you can do to keep your wood fence looking like new for many years to come:

Make Sure Your Posts are Pressure-Treated

Before your new wood fence goes into the ground, make sure it has been pressure-treated by the manufacturer. When the fence posts and components are pressure-treated, they are sprayed with material that makes them less susceptible to mildew, rot, and damage from the elements and pests. Some wood fence manufacturers automatically pressure-treat all of their fences, while others offer this as an optional add-on, so it's worth double-checking before installation.

Prepare to Clean Your Fence from Time to Time

Keeping your fence clean will help it look its best, but also helps prevent damage and discoloration caused by letting mildew, dirt, and other debris accumulate over time. Luckily, most wood fences are easy to clean. You can spot clean as needed with a wood fence cleaner recommended by your fence manufacturer. Alternatively, a mixture of a gentle dish soap and clean water applied with a soft-bristled scrub brush works great too.

Once a year or so, clean the entire fence or pay a fence maintenance company to do this for you. After scrubbing away dirt and grime, simply rinse with a hose and allow to dry in the sun. 

Keep Sprinkler and Hose Water Away 

When watering your lawn, try to aim the hose or sprinkler system so that it sprays away from the wood fence. While it's not a problem for your fence to get wet, sometimes household water contains chlorine and other additives that can lead to discoloration.

Consider Adding a Sealant

A clear sealant coat gives your wood fence a nice gleam while also offering further protection from weather, the elements, sun, and dirt. Some sealants will also make your wood fence less appealing to insects. Use a sealant that's approved by your fence manufacturer, and simply reapply it every few years as needed, ideally after a nice deep cleaning. 

While wood fences are generally easy to maintain, following these tips will help you keep your new wood fence looking new and prevent unnecessary damage and repairs down the line. Contact local wood fence services for more information and assistance.