Installing a chain link fence is easier than installing most other types of fencing. So, if you're looking to save money on fencing, you may want to consider installing your own chain link fence rather than hiring a fence company to do this for you. Plan on the project taking about a day and a half -- much of that time is allocated to allowing the concrete to dry. Follow these six simple steps, and your fence will be standing in no time.

Step 1: Dig the post holes.

If you do not have a post hole digger, consider renting one from a local rental company. Measure along the border of your property, and make marks every 10 feet. Then, dig a hole that is 8 inches wide and 2 feet deep at every mark. 

Step 2: Fill the post holes.

Once your holes have been dug, add about 4 inches of gravel to the bottom of each one. Pack it down firmly. Then, prepare a bag of concrete according to the instructions on the package. (Typically, you just mix it with a specified amount of water.) Pour concrete into the post hole, filling it to about 6 inches from the top. Then, place a post in the hole. Smooth the concrete out on the top, and repeat for each post hole.

Once the post holes are all filled with concrete and posts, let the posts rest for a day before proceeding.

Step 3: Install the caps and rails.

Place a cap on top of each of your fence posts. Usually, you just have to tap them into place gently. Once your caps are in place, it's time to insert the rails. They should slip easily into the caps. Then, you can tighten the brace band -- the metal sleeve that the rail fits into -- around the rail to secure it into place. Keep going until you have the top rails laid out along the entire length of fence.

Once all of your rails are in place, it's time to attach the tension bars. These are the bars that stretch are mounted halfway up each post and grab onto the chain link mesh. Measure vertically to ensure you place each bar halfway up the post. Then, just loop it around the post. Let it sit in this position, loosely, until it's time to attach it to the mesh.

Step 4: Unroll and attach the chain link mesh.

Lay the roll of mesh on the ground, and unroll it along the length of one side of your fence. Then, have a friend help you lift up one side of the mesh. Position it firmly against the first post rail, and attach it to the tension bar. Use a socket to tighten the bolt on the tension bar until it's holding the mesh securely in place.

Have your helper work their way down the fence, holding the chain link up against the next post. Attach the next tension bar in the same way. Continue working your way down the fence, attaching the tension bars as you go. 

Step 5: Tie the fence to the rails.

To keep the fence firmly anchored to the rails, place a piece of aluminum wire through a top loop of the mesh. Bend it around the top rail, and twist it to secure it. Repeat this process to place a new piece of wire every 4 to 6 feet along the fence rails.

Step back and admire your work! Your chain link fence should be firmly in place and ready to face whatever challenges approach it.