Installing a chain link fence around your yard can provide security in your yard to keep safe your children and any pets who play in the yard. Keeping your chain link fence maintained and nice looking is important for improving the visual appeal of your yard and keeping your fence looking nice. Here are two tips to help you accomplish this.

Control Weed Growth

Because chain link fencing provides a surface where weeds and other vegetation can grow upon and up between, it can be difficult to keep your fence free of this type of vegetation growth. Climbing weeds, such as morning glory, can easily climb through and attach themselves onto the links, making it difficult to remove them. There are several techniques you can use to remove weeds and keep them from regrowing within your chain link fence.

Use a weed eater to cut the weeds off from their bases just below the bottom of your chain link fence. You can also pull the weeds by hand to remove their entire root system and prevent them from regrowing. Moistening the soil around the weeds first can help make removing them an easier process. Then, to prevent further weed growth, spray the soil just below your fence with a weed killer or full-strength vinegar. For a more permanent treatment, pour to install a concrete edging along the base of your chain link fence line. This will also help make your yard look well-maintained.

To remove any weeds growing and climbing upon your chain link fence, pull off the weed vines individually to restore your fence to its weed-free condition. If the weeds upon your fence have become dried, you can easily brush them from the fence by sweeping the surface of the fence with a broom.

Clean Your Fence

Borax is a good product to use for cleaning your fence, as it won't harm vegetation because it does not contain detergent, and it will act as a natural pesticide over the soil it comes in contact with. Mix up a borax and water cleaning mixture, following the instructions on the container of borax.

Use a garden pump spray to apply the water and borax solution onto areas of your chain link that are dirty. Let the solution sit for several minutes, then use a scrub brush and additional borax and water solution to remove stubborn stains, such as bird droppings. Rinse the chain links with a garden hose and nozzle sprayer attachment or a pressure washer. 

If you have any mold growth on your chain links, use an equal solution of white vinegar and water mixture to spray onto any mold growth. Scrub the vinegar and water-saturated mold growth with a plastic bristled scrub brush to remove the mold. 

Use these methods to help keep your chain link fence looking great. Contact a fencing company, like Summit  Fence Company, for more help.