If you have a dog or plan on getting a dog and you like the idea of letting them out in the yard to run around then you want to know they aren't going to just run off on you. There are different measures that you can take to help keep them contained in the yard. Here are some of the choices you have available to you that can help with dog containment:

Have an invisible fence installed

If you don't like the thought of putting up a fence, or you aren't sure that you are ready to take such permanent measures then you may want to go with an invisible fence. An invisible fence allows you to set the boundaries that you don't want your dog to cross and they will wear a color on their neck. When they start to go past those boundaries they will be given a shock that will stop them in their tracks. Once they get to know the boundaries they will naturally stay away from them.

Have an electric fence installed

An electric fence consists of wires you can string around the border of your yard. When and if your dog touches the wires will give them a shock that causes them to back away from that border. This type of border and the invisible fence are similar with one being wireless and the one being hard wired.

Have a professional train your dog

You can also have a professional come out to work with your dog and train them not to leave the yard. However, if you do decide to go this route then it is best for you to keep an eye on them while they are out because you don't want to give them 100% trust when so many variables can come in to play that can tempt or distract them into leaving the yard. Also, you can cut down on your dog's desire to wander by taking them in to the vet and having them fixed. This way, they won't have a strong mating desire that can lead to them taking off.

Have a chain link fence put up

A chain link fence is one of the more affordable types of fencing and it is also one that requires the least amount of maintenance and is weather resistant as well as durable. You can go with a chain link fence that's a height that works best for keeping your dog in. Along with containing your dog, you can also turn this type of fence into more of a privacy fence in the future by adding rolled wood, vinyl slats, bamboo sticks, or lattice to it in the future.

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