It can be incredibly hard to keep deer and other animals out of a garden or off your property. Deer and other animals often will ruin a beautiful lawn and devour your hard-fought-for flowers and shrubs. In order to keep these creatures out of your garden, and off of your property there are a few things that you can do. One of the most effective things that you can do is to build an aluminum fence. A fence that is designed to keep animals out is built a little differently than one might think. Here is what you can expect when you have a contractor build you a fence designed for Bambi.

Two Fences

Deer actually have very bad eyesight, so they get nervous when they have to jump a fence. However, what makes them even more nervous is if there is a second fence a few feet behind the first fence. Deer get nervous because they do not want to run into the second fence, but they also do not want to risk getting caught between the two fences. Thus a fence with another fence built right behind it will often keep the deer out of your garden or off of your property. 


A whitetail deer can actually jump over twelve feet in the air, so if you want to build a twelve foot high fence than that may do the trick. However, what many contractors will do is they will build a fence that has some angle to it. A deer can jump over twelve feet high, but if you add distance to that equation, the height goes down tremendously. So, do not be surprised to see that your fence contractor is building you a fence that is tall, but has about a thirty degree angle to it as well. 

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Deer are very cautious most of the time, and if they are not able to see what is behind the fence they are not going to take the leap. Even if they can smell your garden behind the fence, if they can't see what is behind the fence they will usually not jump. A fence such as this will usually be built out of panels of wood or plastic. These fences are popular because they can maintain beauty, and still give you the protection that you want from those critters. 

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